2012 Honda Civic 9th Generation Sedan and Coupe

There is good news coming from Honda. The Japan automotive company finally releases the new generation of Honda Civic which is given name as the 9th generation of Civic. This new Civic is totally different from its predecessor because all parts which are used come from new design. Meanwhile, Honda seems like will not use the model which they showed at Detroit Motor Show. They prefer to use the new one because it gives the new look which could attract more customer. Actually, the new design of 9th generation of Civic is almost similar with the previous model that is 8th generation starting from exterior and interior. This brand new Civic is made into two versions; sedan and coupe, which both are powered by 1.8-liter I-VTEC engine delivering 140HP. It only takes fuel consumption about 41 mpg on the highway.

There is also other news coming from Honda that they will build the hybrid version for the new Civic. This hybrid of course will not take much fuel consumption and suitable for those who are seeking for low consumption vehicle. This hybrid uses lithium battery as the main fuel source and applies the engine technology from 1.5-liter I-VTEC engine which delivers power about 110HP. Honda official claims if the new Civic Hybrid will get EPA -estimated city/highway combined fuel economy of 45 mpg which means more economical than the previous model that there is an improvement about 4 mpg.

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